ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)
ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)
ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)

ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama (Made to Order)

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For Embroidery only - If you have selected Embroidery for the item, please provide the information below.

Measurement Details

Please provide measurement details if you have selected "Help me decide", "Customized", or you would like us to double check the size you have selected. Leave all measurement fields at default "Send selected size" and we will send the size as selected for your convenience.

For customers purchasing their very first uniform, we strongly recommend providing the measurement details, especially for parents purchasing for a child.

When providing measurements please use the diagram below. Please round up to the nearest available selection. Any measurement selected with * (E.g. 199.0* cm) will indicate customization is required.

ZEN Gihousaku Bio Blue Hakama is Made to Order product. Carefully crafted for comfort from 100% cotton fabric.

The Hakama is Bushu Shouaizome (武州正藍染) indigo dyed from the Bushu Area of Japan. 

The Hakama has undergone parboiled treatment ( バイオブルー) in water at high temperature to allow microorganisms (Biobacteria) to penetrate deep into the fine fibres to bring out the softness in the material and give it a smooth texture. The process also has an element of preventing the indigo colour from fading.

Embroidery option is available with this Hakama, after selection and placing the Order we will translate your name for your review and colour selection. Name will be based on your account unless you tell us otherwise.

 Size Hakama Length (cm) *Average Height (cm)
23 87 155
23.5 89 158
24 91 160
24.5 93 163
25 95 165
25.5 96.5 168
26 98.5 170
26.5 100.5 173
27 102.5 175
27.5 104 178
28 106 180
28.5 108 183
29 110 185
29.5 112 188

*Average Height (cm) is only a recommendation, please refer to the sleeve, length, and width to ensure the right size is selected for you.

*For waist size is over 100cm, you will need to customise the Hakama to fit, please contact us first before placing an order.

*Please select the size carefully as refunds on wrong size does not include the initial or return shipping of the product. The size dimensions can vary in the end product so should not be taken as exact length but a guidance.

*After duration of use and wash over time the lengths can shrink.

*If you are not sure how to select the right size then select "Help me decide" and after placing an order we will ask for your measurements to select the right size for you.

[Important "ZEN Series" Manufacturer's Disclaimer]

With the traditional service and touch of Japan, our manufacturing staffs and craftsmen puts quality first to assure our customers the quality products they receive.

Any Bushu Shouaizome (武州正藍染) or ShouAizome (正藍染) Indigo Dye products can discolour when it is moist and expose to ultraviolet rays. Great care and handling must be taken on the product to ensure the long lasting of the Aizome Indigo Dye. Avoid leaving the product under direct sunlight or strong indirect sunlight for prolong period of time. Avoid getting the product wet such as rain and great care needs to be taken when washing. It is recommended to wash in cold water by hand only and quickly hang to dry. The Aizome product at first after freshly Indigo Dyed may look very dark or purplish in colour.  The colour will change into the Traditional Blue over time.

Mishandling the product can cause unevenness of the colour fading to occur.  After the purchase of the product and handling by the customer Sankei Japan and distributor is not responsible for any complaints such as colour changes after purchase.  It is very important to understand the product before purchasing to manage your expectations.