About us

Sankei International has been providing Kendoka around the world the ability to purchase quality Kendo equipment online and dispatched straight from the facility centre of Sankei Co. Ltd from Kyushu since 2007.  The Sankei team is proud of the international support that we have gained over the years and will continue to provide the highest quality products for more years to come.

Sankei Co. Ltd (Japan)

Sankei Co. Ltd was established in 1970 with head office and production factory located on the island of Kyushu Japan, home to many of the strong Kendo players. Sankei Co. Ltd primary production are Kendo products from Shinai, Bugo, Keiko Gi, Hakama, Tenugui, Tsuba, and more. Sankei Co. Ltd has about 300 wholesale stores in Japan and provides Shinai for a lot of the well known stores throughout Japan. In the beginning of 2004, the Shinai demand in Japan was close to 1 million units, and during that very year, Sankei sold 340,000 units covering one third of the total Shinai market in Japan. Since then in Japan, Sankei's Shinai are known not only for its excellent quality but also its craftsman balance in a wide range of Shinai to meet all type of Kendoka.

At the beginning, in 2006, Sankei Australia was established to commence the distribution of Sankei equipment in Australia and the website www.zen-sankei.com.au was established and began collecting orders online in 2007. With the increase in popularity and brand recognition, in 2008, Sankei International was established to service international orders through the domain name www.zen-sankei.com.  All products purchases from our online store will will be fulfilled by Sankei Co. Ltd in Japan. Keeping the warehouse in Japan allows Sankei International to delivery high quality Kendo products because Japan has the best storage environment and facility.

Sankei International and Sankei Australia (Licensed Distributor)

"Sankei International" and "Sankei Australia" are trading names of Solidus Services Pty Ltd (ABN 69 780 486 246) and business entity in Australia.  When you purchase from www.zen-sankei.com you are placing and order with Solidus Services Pty Ltd which then provides the Order information to Sankei Co. Ltd and shipping services which are third party companies to dispatch your order.  Solidus Services Pty Ltd and Sankei Co. Ltd have an agreement to work together to distribute ZEN brand products through the online website www.zen-sankei.com

The equipment supplier of www.zen-sankei.com is Sankei Co. Ltd located at address 2014-72 Kuyama machi,Isahaya shi, Nagasaki, Japan 854-0066.

Internationally and in Australia we are known by our trading name Sankei International and Sankei Australia respectively, and we are the channel license distributor of Sankei Co. Ltd which are the manufacturer of ZEN Kendo products in Japan.