Ultimate Handmade Koto [HM-21] Todoroki (Madake)
Ultimate Handmade Koto [HM-21] Todoroki (Madake)
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Ultimate Handmade Koto [HM-21] Todoroki (Madake)

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Ultimate Handmade Todoroki is a carefully crafted Shinai from Madake bamboo. The craftsman balances this Shinai to its desired specification and does not compromise less than anything perfect into a Koto Shinai.

Bamboo: Madake

Shinai Type: Normal Straight Haribushi & Normal Straight Kensaki tip

Handle Type: Normal

Tsuka Diameter (End): 26mm

Tsuba Size: L (Male)

Shinai product specification guide

General use in Japan University/Adults
39 Male
Fully Assembled Weight (g) 510g+
Tsuka Diameter (mm) 26mm
39 Female
Fully Assembled Weight (g) Not available
Tsuka Diameter (mm) Not available
  • General use in Japan explains in general which categories the Shinais are used in Japan. For International Kendo customers, check with your Renmei in case recommendations are different.
  • Full Assembled Weight does not include Tsuba and Tsubadome, and the weight range is a guide where the fully assembled Shinai's weight will fall into for this model of the Shinai.
  • Tsuka Diameter is taken at the end of the Tsuka of the Bamboo Shinai, and is a specification estimation.
  • Basic assembly of Shinai does not include Tsuka or Tsuka Dome. Tsuka and Tsuka Dome will need to be purchase separately unless specified.


Information about Tsukagawa Size & Length

Tsukagawa Length End to End

 Size Standard Length (Approx)
39 32 cm
38 31 cm
37 30 cm
36 29 cm
  • Tsukagawa can stretch when it is fitted onto the Shinai or stretched over time after multiple use. The Standard length is an approximation, and customer need to take this into consideration when purchasing. Although Sankei Japan will ensure the length is as close to the standard length. Customers should not expect exact length but allow some deviation.