Kiri Bokuto (桐木刀 剣峰木刀) (Made in Japan / 日本製)

Kiri Bokuto (桐木刀 剣峰木刀) (Made in Japan / 日本製)

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Made in Japan the Kiri Bokuto is a beautifully crafted Bokuto and extremely light. The Kiri Bokuto is not made for Kata but for Suburi only. The Kiri Bokuto will help you perfect your Kendo cuts.

Available in two sizes:

  • Large Sword

As the Kiri Bokuto is made of a softer and lighter wood, hand engraving is not recommended.  If you would like to consider Laser Engraving please contact us.

NOTE: Due to the product being made from Natural wood, the actual colour tone of the product received may vary.

General Bokuto Reference Table

 Type of Wood Weight (g) Strength Reference Use
Red Oak 450 ~ 500 *** Beginners / Kata
White Oak 500 ~ 600 **** Experienced / Kata

Tsubaki 450 ~ 500 *** Female / Kata
Isu 480 ~ 580 *** Female / Kata
Purple Ebony 550 ~ 650 ** Experienced / Suburi
Sunuke 600 ~ 700 ** Experienced / Suburi
Kiri 150 ~ 200 * Mai & Kata form (No Contact)