Jissen Gata [HK-07] Sae (Keichiku)

Jissen Gata [HK-07] Sae (Keichiku)

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[Shipping rates to the following countries are being impacted. Recommend contacting us first and consult with a representative before placing an individual/group order.]

Australia: Shinais are now being classified as "Oversized" items by the Australian Customs. Bokutos are currently also being impacted.

Some European countries: Freight route disrupted by the impacts of Natural/Non-Natural disasters.

Jissen Gata class Shinai is known for a thick Haribushi (body of the shinai) and thin Kensaki (tip). This shifts the center of balance of the Shinai towards the Tsuka (Handle), and give the Shinai a sense of weightlessness as the Shinai sits comfortably in your grip.

The Sae Shinai has a slim/sender body type finish and made for quickly strikes.

Bamboo: Keichiku

Shinai Type: Large Haribushi and Normal Kensaki tip

Handle Type: Normal

Tsuba Size: L (Male) / M (Female)

Shinai product specification guide

General use in Japan Jnr High School Snr High School University/Adults
37 Male 38 Male 39 Male
Fully Assembled Weight (g) 440g+ 480g+ 510g+
Tsuka Diameter (mm) 23mm 24mm 25mm
37 Female 38 Female 39 Female
Fully Assembled Weight (g) 400g+ 420g+ 440g+
Tsuka Diameter (mm) 22.5mm 23.5mm 24mm
  • General use in Japan explains in general which categories the Shinais are used in Japan. For International Kendo customers, check with your Renmei in case recommendations are different.
  • Full Assembled Weight does not include Tsuba and Tsubadome, and the weight range is a guide where the fully assembled Shinai's weight will fall into for this model of the Shinai.
  • Tsuka Diameter is taken at the end of the Tsuka of the Bamboo Shinai, and is a specification estimation.
  • Basic assembly of Shinai does not include Tsuka or Tsuka Dome. Tsuka and Tsuka Dome will need to be purchase separately unless specified.

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