[AYUMU] 6mm Diagonal Machine Stitched Bogu Set

[AYUMU] 6mm Diagonal Machine Stitched Bogu Set

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AYUMU 6mm Diagonal Machine Stitched Bogu Set is a upgraded version of the popular V Stream Bogu set which has been one of the most popular Bogu set for regular Kendoka that sold over 2000+ units nationwide in Japan. The Bogu is designed for all ages from children to adults. This bogu set has gotten traction in the International market for its quality and comfort.

The AYUMU is specially retailed at an affordable price for the international market only through www.zen-sankei.com

The MEN is diagonally stitched so it curves forward over the shoulders.  Hence the Bogu. The MEN, KOTE, and TARE are 6mm machine stitched to provide the optimal balance between protection and flexibility.

The stitching of this Bogu set is 6mm.

Specification of the Bogu

Duralumin Mengane, Navy Clarino re-enforcement on the edge of the MEN Futon, Artificial Leather Palm for the KOTE, and Orizashi cloth is used for the overall MEN-futon, KOTE-futon, and Tare.

Measurements required

For Bogu, measurements needs to be captured as accurate as possible. Please round up to the nearest available selection. Any measurement selected with * (E.g. 199.0* cm) will indicate customization is required. Please follow the daigram and contact us if you have any questions.

General information.

(Of the current DO that fits well if you have one.)