Australia - MURDOCH Kendo Club Zekken

Australia - MURDOCH Kendo Club Zekken

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Country: Australia

Dojo (Top): MURDOCH

Middle: Logo

Surname Name (Bottom): Your surname

Size Options

  • Large (For General Adult Tare use)
    • Longitudinal = 27cm, horizontal = 18cm
  • Medium
    • Longitudinal = 25cm, horizontal = 17cm
  • Small
    • Longitudinal = 24cm, horizontal = 16cm

Colour: Dark Blue, the colour is very close to black.


  • Machine Stitched Only

Fully Customised: If you are looking for a zekken with a different format/layout please send us an enquiry about what that Zekken should look like and we will need to provide you with an estimated cost.