Starting Kendo outside of Japan

If you are looking to start Kendo outside of Japan you will find that there are recognised Kendo Clubs in most countries. All you need to do is find out when the clubs held their beginner's course and enrol into one of them.

Make sure the club is affiliated with the country's Kendo Renmei which is a governing body that is associated with the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF). This means once you are registered as a member with those Kendo clubs your grading will be registered and recognise by the AJKF.

Kendo can easily be described as "Building one's character through the way of the sword", it requires discipline and commitment over a long period of time as not only can it be considered as a form of Martial Arts, a large part of it that you will learn is about the Japanese Culture. Kendo is still being practised in the communities of Japan today in High Schools, Universities, the Police Force, and even in Companies. Kendo also promotes the health of the mind and body.

Over time, you will make friends in Kendo and also open the doors to make connections that will allow you to visit Japan to train with the locals. Anyone at any stages of life can start Kendo. Step one for most people is just show up on your first day of a Kendo beginner's class.  With most beginner's class, all you need is a Shinai that can be purchased with most clubs on the day, or you can purchase one from ZEN Sankei International, just contact us via the form below and a representative will be happy to help you out.