"Shingi" Silver Best Hakama #8800
"Shingi" Silver Best Hakama #8800
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "Shingi" Silver Best Hakama #8800

"Shingi" Silver Best Hakama #8800

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For Embroidery only - If you have selected Embroidery for the item, please provide the information below.

"Shingi" Silver Best Hakama #8800, 100% cotton, soft, durable and comfortable. A signature ZEN Hakama. Suitable for everyday training, grading, and competition.

#8800 is the threading of the material.

Embroidery option is available with this Hakama, after selection and placing the Order we will translate your name for your review and colour selection. Name will be based on your account unless you tell us otherwise.

 Size Hakama Length (cm) *Average Height (cm)
23 87 155
24 91 160
25 95 165
26 98.5 170
27 102.5 175
28 106 180
29 110 185

*Average Height (cm) is only a recommendation, please refer to the sleeve, length, and width to ensure the right size is selected for you.

*For waist size is over 100cm, you will need to customise the Hakama to fit, please contact us first before placing an order.

*Please select the size carefully as refunds on wrong size does not include the initial or return shipping of the product. After duration of use and wash over time the length may shrink by +/- 1cm.

*If you are not sure how to select the right size then select "Help me decide" and after placing an order we will ask for your measurements to select the right size for you.